Room Cleaning ( My small room in japan lol )

Hey Guys !!!! It's been a month i guess... since the last time that i upload a vlog ! busy .... as innnnnn ! WORK...SLEEP....WORK....SUNDAY ... rest 🙂 BUT TODAY .. well SUNDAY ! I decided to fully finish my room , CLEAN I MEAN haha ! since i transfer to my sister's room (m.a) super messy ! lol ! 3 weeks ! i've been cleaning my room ! and now 🙂 finally done ! yosh !

And by the way ! the door of the closet wala na pala yan talagang natanggal na ! hahaha what i mean kanina is tinanggal ko na yung ibang kalat ko ganern ! haha !! LOL

Small space in this apartment but it's okay since it''s easy to clean haha and i love to design small spaces ! anyway ! watch itttt ! and see u again in my next vlog !

So ENJOY watching me suffer ! kidding ! LOL !



I'm not active on insta btw ! hahahaha !!

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