Nara Deer Park In Japan | Got bit by a deer LOL! | Todaiji Temple | Feeding Deer In Japan

Where can you find deer that’ll use a crosswalk? At Nara Park in Japan. What an experience! Come with us as we explore Nara Deer park and the Todaiji Temple. Japan is one of our favorite places in the world and this is one of the reasons. Just remember, There is ALWAYS A LOT OF WALKING IN JAPAN. Be prepared.

-Nara Deer park (Free admission, Buy your own deer food there @ 100 Yen) is where you can feed the deer or just hang out with them. They are VERY friendly and will most likely follow you. Don’t be alarmed, Just go with the flow. I felt safe enough to let our toddler hand feed the deer but always use caution because these are still technically wild animals. Gino got bit in the leg but it’s only because he tried the deer food in front of a deer lol.

- Todaiji Temple: Pay for admission, Less than $10 a head, Kids are free: This is one of Japans most historically significant temples. So many thing to see inside, This is where the famous Giant Buddha is located.


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