Half-Life: One Life (Episode 13) - Finally, the surface!

We've finally made it back to the surface for one of my favourite levels of the game, 'Surface Tension'. This massive and varied level sees us taking on Apaches, Tanks, climbing cliffs and crawling through warehouses filled with tripmines, as well as getting to see the escalating war between the Marines and the Aliens. With all this going on, how can we possibly hope to survive?

This is my Half-Life: One Life run, trying to make it to the end of the game in a single life.

There are a few simple rules I'm following for this run:

1) I'm allowed one save per level, in the event the game crashes, I get stuck, etc. The only time that save will be loaded is if the game crashes, or when I'm picking up for the next episode;

2) If I take more damage that I expect from an enemy, jump etc I carry on, even if I'm likely to die soon afterwards;

3) If I die the game 'resets' to the beginning of Unforeseen Consequences, as we jump to a different Gordon Freeman in a different timeline.

So, can we make it through Black Mesa and Xen in a single life? Stay tuned to find out!

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