25 Ways to Solve a Physics Puzzle in Half-Life 2

No gravity glitch: https://youtu.be/Fb5gi-5EjEE

Today I showed you 25 different ways of using tricks and glitches to complete a puzzle in HL2 which is located at the beggining of the game in the Route Canal chapter.

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I really enjoy speedrunning Source games, such as Portal or Half-Life series, so here are some fun Half Life 2 Speedrun glitches and tricks in action.

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Using Glitches and Tricks to Beat Half-Life 2


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Glitches explained:

• Jumping backwards and gaining speed - Accelerated Back Hopping aka ABH

- Jump forward, turn around in the air and jump right as you land. It's recommended not to hold S or W (or your respective keys for moving forwards and back) while ABHing. Binding +jump to mouse wheel is recommended as it makes timing jumps a lot easier.

- When you exceed the game's speed limit, the game tries to slows you down whenever you jump, back to the desired speed. By default the game thinks that you're moving forwards, so when you exceed the speed limit, it'll accelerate you backward. If you are facing backward, this will only increase your speed. So, the faster you're going - the more you will get accelerated.

• Wallclimbing

- Wallclimbing is a glitch used to get up on high buildings/places. It works exactly the same way as Flying, but it's faster to gain height and also can be done with almost every object In-game. Another method to use, is to jump over the object and shoot it with the gravity gun, giving it vertical velocity, then grabbing and Bunnyhopping on the object up the wall. The trick is very useful in the current version of Half-Life 2 and other OrangeBox Engine games like Portal, since Flying is really limited.

- The standard method of wallclimbing is to hold the object with the cylindrical, curved part of the surface facing the wall (this usually means holding the object sideways) at chest level, then to move toward the wall, and just as the object touches, to quickly jump forward and lower the object. In OrangeBox Engine, the objects tend to fall off after being stepped on, so you might want to re-grab the object too.

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